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Change is inevitable and our lives today can be crazy, busy and full. Yes, I’m an architect and architects are fabulous, out of the box, creative problem solvers. I love to shake things up and look at things differently, creating spaces that people can be themselves in, surrounded by things they LOVE. We’ve all heard of “life coaches”, “spiritual guides” and “gurus” but what about a “design therapist” or a “creative coach”. I’m someone who doesn’t just talk with you about how you should make changes. We make changes together and we make things happen. Things you can see, feel, live in and accomplish. If you are going through a transition in life and would like to downsize and simplify things so you can enjoy the things that are really fun and important to you I can help… …but only if you’re willing to dive in and think differently about your beliefs, attachments and distractions. Only if you are willing to do some hard work with guidance and focus. Sometimes we all feel like we need a little “space”…space to be ourselves. I’m myself on twitter. Follow me @aliagley to get to know my philosophy on simplifying your life with great design.

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