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Jacqueline Arroyo is the Principal Interior Designer and Founder of Full Circle Interior Solutions. Besides her doctorate in Clinical Psychology and her 20+ years of experience in that field, she has an “Interior Design Certificate”, a “Computer Aided Drafting and Design Certificate” and a “Facilities, Planning and Design Certificate” from West Valley College. She is also an instructor at the Castro Valley Adult and Career Education program where she teaches two courses, “Introduction to Interior Design Principles”, and “Putting Your Interior Design Plan into Action”. As a psychologist and interior designer, she is well aware of how one’s surroundings affect one’s mood and sense of well being. Her intuitive nature allows her to effectively analyze her clients and find unique ways to enhance their mood through the manipulation of their environment. In addition to her passion for sustainability and design, she is passionate about traveling and hospitality design, and enjoys bringing those global influences and glamorous unique trends into her designs. Her goal is to ultimately combine elements of design psychology, sustainability and hospitality design style to create spaces that are eco-friendly, exciting, unique and awe-inspiring, and which not only meet, but exceed her client’s expectations. When not busy working on her client’s projects, Jacqueline enjoys crafting and designing unique eco-friendly accessories for personal and home use. She also enjoys traveling around the world, singing, dancing (everything from tap, flamenco, belly dancing, ballroom, etc.), and participating in community musical theater productions and choirs.

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