Project Décor FAQ


Part I: Navigating Project Décor


Do I need to download any software in order to use Project Décor?

No. No outside download is required. Also, Project Décor has been constructed using HTML 5 instead of Flash so it should be compatible with your mobile devices.


Which Internet browsers should I use while accessing Project Décor?

Project Décor works best on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. If you are an Internet Explorer user, we recommend switching to one of those browsers for the ideal Project Décor experience.


How do I reset my password?

You can change your password at any time. Go to “My Project” and select “Profile.” From there, click on “Edit Profile.” Then select “Password – change.”


What should I do if I forget my password?

Go to the login page, click "Rescue it," near "Can't remember how to get into your account?"


Will you sell my email address?

Never. We deeply value your privacy.


How do I save items to a Tear Box?

When you find an item you love and want to save, click on “TEAR IT” and it will be saved in your Tear Box. Then you will have the option in the upper right corner when you click on Tear Box, to create a design or browse your Tear Box. 


How do I adjust my email settings?

If you would like to adjust how frequently you receive emails from Project Décor, click on My Profile which is also located under “My Project” in the drop-down menu. Then click the edit button to adjust your settings. Scroll down until you see the following options: Receive Project Updates, Receive Promotions from Project Décor, and so on. Click “save” to save any changes that you make.  


Part 2: Creating Design Boards


How do I start a design board?

Simply Browse Rooms or Browse Products to find rooms or items you like. Then click on “TEAR IT” to save and continue looking. When you’re done searching, all of your favorite things will be saved to your Tear Box. Then go to Create and drag items from your Tear Box into your design board. You can also select a template to give an interesting background to your design.  

Hint: Select the template first. Then start dragging items in!


How do I use templates?

To make creating boards even more fun, Project Decor has created several templates for you to use. If you want to use a template, select the template you like first by clicking on it and then dragging it to the board area. Then start dragging items in. The templates have pre-set areas to place items.

Hint: Even though a pre-set area of the template may say "Furniture", or another type of item, you are free to put any item in each of the areas.


How do I add images to my Design Board?

Items can be dragged from the right side of the Create page from your Tear Box or from Products to the white area on the left side of the page. 


How do I upload images?

On the CREATE page, look for the message “Upload Photo” or “Add Photo” and double click on that area. You will get additional instructions from there. Uploading photos makes it easier to personalize the boards you create.


How do I remove images from my Design Board?

Items can be removed from your Design Board by clicking the “Delete” icon on the tool bar above your Design Board. 


How do I save my Design Board?

Just click Save on the Tool Bar below your Design Board.

Hint: Name your design first (look for area at top left corner of Board) and then hit Save.


How do I make my Design private?

Since Project Décor is a Design Community where members receive inspiration from other users, the default setting for Design Boards is “Public.” However, under the “Share” button you can set the Board to either Private, Team or Public.


How do I enlarge, rotate or flip an image on my Design Board?

If you are working on a white board (not a template), to enlarge or shrink an image, double click on it and then drag the arrows on the edges of the images out or in. To “flip” or “rotate”, click on the image and then click the “flip” button on the tool bar.

If you are working on a template and want to resize an item, move the "resize" white line at the top to the left to make item smaller and to the right to make item bigger. To "flip" or rotate the item, click on the image and then click the "flip" button on the tool bar.


How do I move images to the background or in front of other images?

If you are working on the white board (not a template) just click the image and then click “Forward” or “Backward” on the Tool Bar. This option does not apply to templates.


How do I remove a background or other distracting items from the image?

Just click on the image and select the icon entitled “Cut Out” with the image of the scissors on it. This will enable you to either remove the background of the image or to customize and cut out specific areas of the image.


How do I find other Designs to inspire my creation?

It’s easy to find inspiration on Project Décor. Go to Browse and select Top Rooms.


How do I create a “Design Team” to share my designs with?

  1. Make sure you are logged in to Project Décor.
  2. Click on “My Project” on the top.
  3. Next click on “Teams.”
  4. You will see the option to + Add a new team member. Click on this.
  5. Then on the far right, invite friends by entering your friend’s email address. You can add up to 10 friends at a time.

If you change your mind about a specific team member, you can click on “remove from team.”


Does my design team see everything I create?

No. The privacy settings allow you to classify each of your boards as Private, Team, and Public. Private boards are visible only on your account; Public boards are visible to all users. 


Part 3: Ordering Products


How long does this item take to ship?

Delivery time estimates are indicated where the specific product in question is listed on Project Décor. In rare cases, an item may be out of stock. In that scenario, we would notify you upon receipt of your order, and you would have the chance to decide whether you are able to wait until it’s ready.


What’s your return policy?

Our return policy varies on a per item basis. If you have questions about the policy for a specific item that we carry, email and a Project Décor associate will get back to you. Please note that custom-ordered items are not returnable.


Where do you ship your product?

Project Décor is based in the United States and is able to ship some, but not all, products to other countries. Please contact before placing an order to an address outside the United States.


I want to add my products to your site.

Please email our customer care team and they will forward your request to the appropriate Project Décor staff member.


Still have questions?

Please let us know if you still have questions. Or if you find any issues, please send us a screen shot of the issue and include your browser type (Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer version number, etc.). If you have any feedback or suggestions, we'd love to hear that too! Email to: