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Leslie Archila Created By Leslie Archila
  • Cliff

    Cliff Awesome - so cool! 2012-09-22T11:12:38-04:00

  • Angela Keck

    Angela Keck I'm quickly becoming obsessed with that Paris sign, would it be too much to have one in every room? :) 2012-09-21T15:35:37-04:00

    • Leslie Archila

      Leslie Archila Yes Angela! I think that it would make your sing look like is not an original piece! But I understand what you are talking about, I love them too.

  • Sara Deane

    Sara Deane The juxtaposition of modern and rustic is executed very well. This room would be cozy but it does not have that predictable feeling that other living rooms can sometimes have. 2012-09-21T14:27:01-04:00

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