beach cottage room

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Elyse Evans Created By Elyse Evans
  • Sara Deane

    Sara Deane Hey I like your board a lot it is very fun. I noticed that part of one of your products disappeared, if this is not an intentional decision, you can fix that it, by going to edit your board, clicking on the object, going to the top right corner of your board and selecting the keep background option, (the default is to remove shapes, it thinks are white) then do the same thing except click custom, then you can outline the object exactly the way you want it. Happy designing! 2013-04-17T17:06:44-04:00

    • Elyse Evans

      Elyse Evans thanks I am glad you like it. I fixed the problem, thank you for telling me how to do that. 2013-04-19T20:47:08-04:00

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