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In contemporary design, steely resolve and the honed edge are givens. For Carl Mertens, the century-old German tabletop specialist, they’re back-story—and present tense. The family run company started in 1919—as a knife sharpener. Based in a German region known for producing fine stainless steel, it’s long been an insider’s source of superb modern flatware and elegant tools for the table. The firm’s commitment to good design and sound environmental practices endures. And it’s appreciated: since 1964, Carl Mertens has received numerous design awards and honors.

Over ten years ago, New York designer Sandy Chilewich introduced her first woven textiles into the international design community. Each year the collection grows through her tireless experimentation with manufacturing techniques and her passion for the intrinsic beauty and functionality of the material. Now producing a growing range of products using these innovative textiles, Chilewich has unquestionably redefined how the world dresses its tables at home and in the restaurants we visit. These often imitated, but never replicated products, are recognized and revered internationally for their modern design, ease of care and durability. Made almost entirely in the USA, Chilewich products are seen in better stores and in the finest restaurants in the world.

Life on the back burner? Design at low heat? Not for Conmoto, the German producer of contemporary fireplaces, fireplace tools, and outdoor furniture. There’s nothing slow burn about the firm that Johannes Wagner launched in 1998. Since he moved corporate headquarters to the Baroque-era Schloss Möhler, near Gütersloh, in 2002, Conmoto has raged like wildfire across the contemporary design landscape. Working with such creative lights as Carsten Gollnick, Fried Ulber and Studio Vertijet, and its own team of engineers, the firm has won the Good Design, iF, Reddot and other notable awards for innovative indoor or outdoor bio-alcohol fire-places and classic accessories. Talk about irons in the fire.

In modern design, as in modern life, there’s nothing simple about simplicity. Since its inception in 1957, the Italian firm of Danese has helped chart the course of Italian design into the 21st century. Working with such designers as Bruno Munari and Enzo Mari, the company has created a legacy of elegant, innovative, timeless furnishings, lighting, and accessories for everyday use. Each new product, every new collection, addresses the challenge of what’s modern now, and how we will live tomorrow. For Danese, good design is essential. It is inherently sustainable. It offers solutions. It creates intelligent, appealing environments.

we believe that being responsible for your environment means taking care of yourself, those around you, and your world. we manufacture our furniture in our factory in connecticut. this way we can monitor our manufacturing processes and guarantee you that we do the following: •-use sustainably harvested hardwoods, and water-based, nontoxic finishes. •-employ lean manufacturing systems that dramatically reduce waste and energy. •-do not use mdf or particle board. •-build in a renovated and restored 1897 factory that is a reclaimed brownfield site. •-provide health insurance for our employees. •-support the communities where we live and work through charity and volunteered time. together, we take care of our world.

What becomes a design icon most? Emeco, the Hanover, PA-based manufacturer, has found the answer--more than once. Since Emeco introduced the 1006 Navy chair in aluminum in 1944, it has proved, repeatedly, that good design literally lasts a lifetime. Today, Emeco is a maverick in design and sustainability. It’s developed seating by Philippe Starck, Frank Gehry, Adrian van Hooydonk, BMW Design Group Designworks USA, Foster and Partners, Ettore Sottsass, Andrée Putman, Michael Young. With the Coca-Cola Company, it re-launched the Navy 1066 in recycled PET via a process that up-cycles 111 used Coca-Cola bottles per chair. All Emeco chairs are LEED™ compliant, made of 80% recycled aluminum or 65% rPET. As for the chair that put Emeco on the map, it has an estimated 150-year lifespan and a lifetime guarantee. And because the design’s classic, there’s no need to recycle.

Accent your home with authentic found objects direct from Europe. Our collections includes one of a kind conversation pieces that will add warmth and sustainability to your home. Our team travels the continent of Europe attending local markets and trade shows, traversing attic stairs and cellar steps and uncovering abandoned barns and warehouses searcing for hidden treasures. We date our pieces with the help of local experts and museum curators to establish authenticity. Choose from antique glass bottles, wooden vessels or 19th century pottery to create a look that is distinct and timeless.

ferm LIVING is a Danish company that aims at designing and manufacturing interior products with a graphic touch. The product range consists of wallpaper, wall stickers, textiles, kitchen items, a large kids’ collection and much more great stuff to come. ferm LIVING originates from a graphic design agency in Aarhus, Denmark, founded by Trine Andersen in 2005. The company came to life after Trine, mostly for fun, decided to visit a clairvoyant. Trine was quite astonished when the clairvoyant saw a little bird sitting confused on a branch, not knowing which way to fly. This sighting was essential for Trine’s decision to follow her dream of starting her own business. When she then founded ferm, the little bird found knew exactly where to go and now sits on top of the company logo.

Award winning luxury interior accessories brand GAIA&GINO, renowned throughout the world of interiors for their creative inventiveness, was founded in Istanbul, in 2004 by Gaye Cevikel. GAIA&GINO’s success is to collaborate with international design luminaries such as Andrée Putman, Arik Levy, Christian Ghion, Constantin Boym, David Adjaye, Defne Koz, Emir Uras, François Azambourg, Harry Allen, Jaime Hayon, Karim Rashid, Nendo, Sebastian Bergne and Yves Béhar by asking them to combine the use of traditional materials and Turkish handicraft techniques with contemporary design. Its products are sold at the luxury retail and design stores and galleries throughout the world.

ACCESSORIZE!!!! It became the Mantra of the past decade. We at GO HOME took it to heart and hearth. Our roots were sewn at parent company Golden Oldies in Flushing, NY. where patriarch, Mark Weinstein created an antique importing empire 35 years ago. At about the same time first born son Erik arrived. 16 years later he accompanied dad to Europe on a buying trip. Erik was hooked. Not only did he relish in the culture of foreign soil, his fresh keen eye brought exciting new ideas to the table. And one night many years later over a glass of wine GO HOME was conceived. We talked about the importance of home, creature comforts, things that made us feel safe that didn't have to cost a fortune. just how good it feels to light a candle in a beautiful candle stick, how curling up in a chair hugging your favorite pillow lowers your blood pressure. and how these small treasures tie our homes together. It doesn't hurt that wife Pam has been in the design world for many years and helps out whenever needed. Daughter, Lauren keeps us all in line with her sharp organizational skills. Jared, still a college student not only helps with showroom set up but for the past 2 years has traveled with Erik on a number of exotic buying trips. Recently, son in law Eric has been commissioned to get us up to speed with our website. Our family's mission at GO HOME is directly related to your happiness. We sincerely hope that items we find exciting and beautiful from around the world, inspire you and your clients to a new level of: ACCESSORIZE!

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