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Throughout the 20th Century, Swedish art glass has been admired and treasured by a broad public, both in Sweden and internationally. For more than 260 years, Orrefors has won thousands of design and glassmaking awards, and have been collected by individuals and museums and showcased in exhibits and public installations the world over. Click here to see a list of recognitions. But despite the achievements of Edward Hald, Simon Gate and other great designers, it was not until the 1980s that art glass became a self-sufficient product. That was when the Orrefors management decided that the glass of designers who had died or left the glass-works would no longer be produced. At the same time, a decision was made to create a new collection if art glass -- Orrefors Gallery. The idea is to present a new collection of a limited number of pieces in short series at regular intervals. All of the Orrefors designers participate in producing art glass. The Orrefors designers are: Lars Hellsten, Jan Johansson, Helen Krantz, Erika Lagerbielke, Anne Nilsson, Lena Bergstrom, Martti Rytkonen and Per Sundberg. The ambition for all glass from Orrefors is the highest possible quality and exquisite design. This is the same objective that applied more than eighty years ago, when Johan Ekman traveled the long road through the forest, past the quiet farms behind their stonewalls... And if you have once traveled this road, through dark spruce forests, across the open meadows, past the stone walls, past the shining lakes and the sparking brooks, you too will understand what makes it all possible. This where the world's most beautiful glass is created.

Go with the glow. The Danish firm of Porcelight produces a family of lamps that do just that, in the best Nordic. Designed by Erik Magnussen, the fixtures center on a white porcelain lampshade. Opaque by day, the shade emits a warm, golden aura and an excellent down light when the halogen bulb is on at night. Glare free, the lamps work in innumerable applications. Magnussen trained as ceramic artist at the Copenhagen School of Design, graduating with silver medal 1960. The recipient of numerous awards, he has taught at the Academy of Fine Arts. In 1983, the Danish Design Council appointed him designer of the year. His work is shown in museums worldwide.

Some designers can do everything. Italian architect Michele De Lucchi is one of them. De Lucchi set up Produzione Privata in 1990 to develop furniture, lighting, and accessories designed to enhance daily living. His philosophy? Shades of the Bauhaus, with an emphasis on experimentation and close collaboration with artisans. Over the years, the effort has developed into a collection of workshops scattered across Italy. Each specializes in a particular material or process. Each emphasizes the art of craft, and glories in the touch of the hand. Today, the Produzione Privata line encompasses a full range of objects for modern living, in materials ranging from porcelain and glass to metal, wood, and marble.

In the world of outdoor furniture, who’s the original slim shady? Richard Schultz. For a half century plus, Schultz has explored his deep interest in sculptural form and its relation to nature and man. That has led to the production of modern furniture, sculpture, and art furniture. His best-known? The outdoor furniture. The 1966 Collection came first. Designed for Florence Knoll, who wanted well-designed outdoor furnishings made to withstand the corrosive salt air at her Florida home, the pieces are modern icons for an icon of modernism. Schultz continues to create products that he wants to use and live with, products that create new forms, employ new materials, and discover new technologies.

From the very beginning, timeless classics have been created here at SEA Glassworks, always invitingly combining design and function. You will find many lovely objects to use and enjoy, objects that grace your rooms and create a sense of harmony. Our Swedish designers uphold and further develop a mode of expression that has its roots in Swedish design traditions. We also offer a generous selection of superb vases and bowls designed and made in collaboration with florists to suit a multitude of various floral arrangements.

At Sefte, we believe that life is best lived slowly, deliberately, artfully. That relaxation leads to rejuvenation. And that luxury is crafted with passion and patience. Inspired by nature and committed to a world that lives in harmony with its environment, we design exquisite pieces that celebrate both the self and the world beyond. Our pieces are handcrafted by global artisans, using luxurious textiles that are both socially and environmentally sound. Each piece is hand-finished with exquisite quality and detailing.

First introduced in 1987, Odegard Carpets revolutionized the world of hand-knotted contemporary carpets. With unrivaled commitment to quality and sophisticated design and color, Odegard has been at the leading edge of modern carpet production for years. All Odegard Carpets are unique, starting with carefully selected Himalayan wool, which is hand-carded and hand-spun by Tibetan and Nepalese craftspeople, using centuries-old techniques. These carpets are dense and durable yet remarkably supple. Odegard Carpets requires strict adherence to social responsibility, raising the standard of living for thousands of artisan weavers in Nepal. All Odegard Carpets are GoodWeave® certified, your best assurance that no child labor was used.

Studio Printworks was founded with the philosophy that sophisticated, hand-printed wallpaper adds style and richness to any home, be it a city maisonette or a rustic country cottage. It is with this ideal in mind that we offer high-style designs from diverse moments, places, and hands. In the spirit of the great historic design masters, and with the talents of fine, contemporary artists we create wallpaper, not as quiet backdrop, but as a stimulant for the eye and the soul.

For Rebecca Puig, Sugarboo Designs has been a natural evolution of her overwhelming love for her family and for art. Rebecca holds a Studio Art degree from the University of Georgia. After graduating college in 1996, she worked in a folk art gallery and began experimenting with painting and ceramics. Through the years she continued to develop her unique style and soon after launched her present company, Sugarboo Designs. The name “Sugarboo” is a combination of her nicknames for two of her favorite people – her young children, Jake and Sophie. Rebecca and her husband Rick started Sugarboo in 2002, with a mission of creating products that remind people of the ones they love – a mission accomplished in every lovingly crafted piece that bears the Sugarboo name.

For more than 35 years, Surya has been synonymous with high quality, innovation and luxury. Our designers have masterfully created some of the most cutting edge and versatile pieces to bring out the best in every room. Encompassing their expert understanding of the latest trends in fashion and interior design, each product is a perfect combination of color, pattern and texture to accommodate the widest range of tastes. With Surya, the best in design and quality is at your fingertips.

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