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  • Catz DiVirgilio

    Catz DiVirgilio Ooolala, Showing that daring side:))) Luv it Abigal! 2013-02-05T18:30:38-05:00

    • Abigail Norris

      Abigail Norris Thank you Catz! What better place to be bold but in the entry. Love Chanel and Marilyn. 2013-02-06T08:35:17-05:00

      • Catz DiVirgilio

        Catz DiVirgilio It is Fab....really:)) Mariyln, well there will never be another like her!! 2013-02-06T15:16:35-05:00

        • Abigail Norris

          Abigail Norris Thank you! That is really sweet. She is one of a kind!! :) 2013-02-06T15:41:18-05:00

  • WhiteLinenInteriors

    WhiteLinenInteriors Chic and with drama! Love the pop of red. 2013-01-15T12:40:02-05:00

    • Abigail Norris

      Abigail Norris Thank you Ana! Chanel is so classic. 2013-01-15T16:15:41-05:00

  • Abigail Norris

    Abigail Norris Thank you Charisse! That is very kind of you. I love 'Set em up Joe' as well. I can see both of these boards in the same home. 2012-11-20T11:20:09-05:00

  • charisse

    charisse I love this board Abigail. It is so chic! 2012-11-20T10:35:43-05:00

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