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  • Creative Designs

    Creative Designs Thanks for all the views. 2012-10-04T22:46:44-04:00

  • Creative Designs

    Creative Designs On my board the top of the chair doesn't disappear. I tried to make the correction you stated but it just put it in a large white block, so I had to undo it and leave it. Thanks for the help. 2012-10-04T22:44:03-04:00

  • Design4ALL

    Design4ALL Totally lovely, and that Stephanie Odegard rug is perfect. The top of the Bernhardt chair disappeared you can get it back by going to edit your board, clicking on the object, going to the top right corner of your board and selecting the keep background option, (the default is to remove shapes, it thinks are white) then do the same thing except click custom, then you can outline the object exactly the way you want it. 2012-10-01T10:27:58-04:00

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