Dressed in Black and White

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Catz DiVirgilio Created By Catz DiVirgilio
  • Catz DiVirgilio

    Catz DiVirgilio Jonn, thanks for stopping by and commenting. Such a nice compliment, I'm pretty impressed with your work as well! Good luck to you: in your new venture) 2012-11-15T12:22:27-05:00

  • eameslvr

    eameslvr How funny, I was reading your profile and I noticed you said you learned to think "outside the box" that's the name of my design service!, then you said you admired FLW, he's my favorite architect, his work just amazes me. I'm impressed by yours also! 2012-11-15T12:15:43-05:00

  • eameslvr

    eameslvr Nice work Catz! 2012-11-15T12:09:51-05:00

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