I need a... GIRL CAVE!!!!

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  • homeforachange

    homeforachange Thanks! I am on a "blue" kick..peacock, robins egg...the color of water, the sky!!!!! 2013-01-22T21:10:41-05:00

  • Design4everyone

    Design4everyone This really is a great color! 2013-01-22T16:31:40-05:00

  • charisse

    charisse Love this! 2013-01-21T19:05:06-05:00

  • homeforachange

    homeforachange Empty nester?...have a spare room? Start with Benjamin Moore, Americana 770, black & white drapery panels, a great rug, white furniture...relax with your favorite book! 2013-01-20T20:34:39-05:00

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