Rest easy in the palm of Kong.

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  • Angela Keck

    Angela Keck I love your inspiration for this board, very creative! 2012-09-21T15:30:24-04:00

  • lololovesdesign

    lololovesdesign Hi Micajay2,
    I think he could work on a bookcase with a bright color behind him. Do you think yellow would be too obvious? 2012-09-21T15:04:53-04:00

  • lololovesdesign

    lololovesdesign Hi Sara,
    Thank-you! I was thinking about the movie King Kong when the femme fatale is dressed in a gown and furs near the end of the movie and Kong comes to take her away with him. Just like a fella to want to leave a party early, right? 2012-09-21T15:02:45-04:00

  • MicahJay2

    MicahJay2 I actually find the monkey very cool. Would you suggest on a bookcase? 2012-09-21T14:59:32-04:00

  • Sara Deane

    Sara Deane I would have never thought that a black glass monkey could actually work in a sophisticatedly designed room. I stand corrected. Well done! 2012-09-21T14:54:31-04:00

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