'Romantic Living Room' - Pink, Purple and Grey

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Lucyna Dybala Created By Lucyna Dybala
  • Design4everyone

    Design4everyone Your vase is disappearing a little if you click on "keep background" in the dropdown menu on the top right corner of your board while editing it you can remove that problem. Also http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTSUs7CRsR4 2013-01-21T10:00:29-05:00

    • Lucyna Dybala

      Lucyna Dybala You're right about the vase! I tried doing what you suggested but it didn't work, the whole spot on the board (where the vase is) turned black... :( 2013-01-23T00:39:24-05:00

  • Design4everyone

    Design4everyone I love this, so cute! 2013-01-21T09:56:07-05:00

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