Storm Watching with Sandy, Aaron

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Storm Watching with Sandy

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Aaron Created By Aaron
  • Kate_homestager

    Kate_homestager Great board! It really fits with the weather :-) 2012-10-29T16:39:28-04:00

  • Denise Wenacur

    Denise Wenacur Hope that's not the view out your window! 2012-10-29T15:57:58-04:00

    • Aaron

      Aaron No. Not that bad. All things considered still doing good. Still have power and the water isnt terrible. High tide for me is midnight. So keeping my fingers crossed. 2012-10-29T16:10:59-04:00

      • Aaron

        Aaron Made it through with only minimum damage. Power came back on today. I am definitely one of the lucky ones. Rest of the town is still 75% without power and flooding everywhere. 2012-10-31T19:18:46-04:00

  • Angela Keck

    Angela Keck love it! 2012-10-29T15:53:55-04:00

  • CentsibleDesigns

    CentsibleDesigns love it. good to keep a sense of humor through this! 2012-10-29T15:40:43-04:00

  • Cliff

    Cliff classic! 2012-10-29T14:49:59-04:00

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