Too Much on the Brain

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  • Angela Keck

    Angela Keck I've been there, and at 1 am too! 2012-11-28T13:40:45-05:00

  • Aaron

    Aaron I have been there. Not sure I get all of the references though. 2012-11-27T06:56:05-05:00

    • n szasz

      n szasz They're all symbolic...mind you it was 1am so there is a potential possibility they don't really represent what I was thinking. haha 2012-11-27T08:45:28-05:00

      • Aaron

        Aaron Might be that those thoughts havent kept me a wake thinking about them. 2012-11-27T12:00:17-05:00

  • n szasz

    n szasz Can you guess what each thing represents? 2012-11-27T01:24:07-05:00

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